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Canteen contracting

What kind of canteen contractor should be selected for school canteen contracting?At present, the contracting requirements for school canteens are extremely strict, and school canteens are not allowed to be outsourced to some unprofessional canteen contractors. Schools are also very cautious in the contracting of school canteens。However, many schools now directly contract the canteens to some self-employed people, which will lead to a series of problems, expensive and single food, more importantly, food hygiene安全No guarantee。So what kind of canteen contractor should the school canteen choose?The following in response to this problem, Guangxi new concept canteen business will give you a few suggestions:

1. Whether the canteen contracting company has the management ability to operate the school canteen

Check whether the canteen contracting company has undertaken the relevant performance of the school canteen in the past, so as to better manage the school canteen。

2. See whether the canteen contracting company has a successful canteen management model

Whether the canteen contracting company has a successful canteen management model is the focus of the examination object, the canteen hosting company should be asked to explain and provide management concepts and then field inspection, first to the canteen contracting company to undertake a field visit, listen to their views。

3. Check the economic strength and honors of the canteen contracting company

Check to see if there is a discrepancy between what you see in the advertisement and what you actually see。Once confirmed, try to work together for a month first, and don't rush into signing a long-term contract。

The above is a brief introduction of "What kind of canteen contractor should be selected for the school canteen foreign contract". The school canteen foreign contract chooses Guangxi New Concept Catering Investment Management Co., LTD国家The catering company approved and registered by the industry and commerce, health and labor departments is a catering company that specializes in outsourcing the canteens of schools, enterprises and institutions, large, small and medium-sized factories。With professional services, in accordance with the living standards set by your company, according to the tastes of employees in various regions, the preparation of a variety of delicious dishes, will be able to improve the food of your employees, so that your employees eat more comfortable, work more assured!


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